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Healthcare for people on the go

doctor on video call with stethoscope on table
Skip the waiting room and start a telehealth visit for primary care and wellness concerns.
Book a visit at a time that works for you.
young man with backpack smiling at phone

Healthcare in the palm of your hand.

Say goodbye to the days of long waits in waiting rooms, say hello to care from the comfort of home.

Step 1:

Book a visit

You will be prompted to provide your basic profile information so we can get in touch, then you will select a date and time that work for you to have a video call with a provider.

Step 2:

Answer questions

We will send you intake forms to be completed before your visit starts. Questions will be about your reason for the visit, any symptoms to report, and general medical history.

Step 3:

Have your visit

We will send you a link to join your telehealth visit at the time you selected. Your provider will review your intake form answers and discuss your personalized treatment plan.

Step 4:

Pick up meds

If needed, your provider will send a prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. If you have questions about your treatment, our providers are always here to answer questions!

We believe that healthcare should be affordable and convenient.

As more and more Americans are losing access to easy and affordable healthcare, we are dedicated to restoring that access through modern and innovative solutions.

HealthOnHand® has partnered with LivWell Clinic to provide easy access to board-certified providers on a secure platform.

doctor posing in her office

The doctor will see you now!

Dr. Andrea Goodwin, MD

Dr. Goodwin is LivWell Clinic's lead provider. Primarily practicing in family medicine and weight management, she will quickly become a trusted part of your healthcare team.

older woman talking to doctor via video

Healthcare that works how you need it.

Fit your schedule.

Tired of waiting in lines? We get it. With HealthOnHand, you pick a date and time that works for you, and get seen on your schedule.

Know your cost.

Nobody likes hidden costs or pricing that's only shown at the very end of the process. We tell you the price from the get-go, so there are no surprises.

Keep it simple.

Don't love figuring out your insurance? We don't like it either. Our cash model means that you get an affordable visit without any copays in the way.

Use your benefits.

If you've set aside money in an HSA or FSA, it's only fair that you get to use it when you need a visit. All our visits are HSA and FSA eligible.

HealthOnHand Visit Types

woman sitting and smiling at her phone
man jumping rope by the water

Weight Loss

We can help your weight loss goals be within reach! Book a visit with our weight loss specialist. If needed, she can prescribe compounded Semaglutide to be administered under the tongue—no needles!

young woman sitting on couch looking at her phone
young parents playing with baby

Prescription Renewal

Just need your script renewed so you can get a refill? No need to squeeze into your regular provider's schedule when a telehealth visit can do the job on your schedule.

mother and son at table talking to doctor via video
Muslim woman holding pill bottle and talking on phone

Primary Care

Have a non-emergency medical concern? Telehealth is the perfect fit! We can address a host of conditions via telehealth, including men's and women's health, skin & hair concerns, allergies, cold & flu, and more.

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